1. The switch to Wordpress is definite because it is the future.

  2. Wordpress is not tied to a corporation, Joomla is.

  3. Once a year, 5 hours are required to regularly check the website. In addition, there is no more effort.

  4. The idea for Wordpress came from the marketing expert who presented us with this system as simple and easy to use, which it is.

  5. By switching to Wordpress, the previous work of Franz is redundant.

  6. The marketing expert said that a new system had to be introduced. One that would also be more user-friendly than the old one.

  7. The new website with Wordpress works perfectly. The articles can be shown on this website within three minutes.

  8. Modern websites are generally more user-friendly. The marketing expert also introduced us to the Wordpress system.

  9. Modern websites have an easier, clearer search system.

  10. With Joomla it has not been possible for all employees to post on the website.

  11. The marketing expert has informed us that Joomla can not be 'updated'.

  12. I only used Joomla as a user, so I don’t know if the layout on Joomla would have been realisable.

  13. The old website has worked like a database, which was impractical for the typical user. That should therefore be omitted after the planned project.

  14. The marketing expert has informed us that Joomla no longer meets the technical requirements of today.

  15. The officials wanted a system that was as simple as possible for the users so that the posts could also have been published by them. The original Joomla system is not that easy to use.

  16. We will switch to Wordpress. So everyone can work with it.

  17. Both officials who have already dealt with such agendas in their offices and the marketing expert have proposed the Wordpress system.

  18. Want to post articles themselves - depending on the occasion. Editing on Joomla is very complex.

  19. I don’t know, how much work went into the website.