"Boycotting the switch"

The claim repeatedly emerges in the course of the trail in formulations and allusions. However, no document was submitted that informed Franz about the switch. What could Franz boycott without knowledge?

"Highly aggressiveā€

Alleged aggressiveness of Franz towards the web marketing expert in a meeting. The expert had a different perception:

I remember you disagreed on a few points. But all within the normal framework of a discussion. There is no question that you acted aggressively towards me.

The meeting was badly prepared by the employer, the level of knowledge of those involved was unequal:

The situation was strange for me when I was asked to create a new website concept and I thought that everyone was aboard. Old or new system you should have agreed internally before. Apparently, that did not happen in advance.

Franz was forbidden to contact the marketing expert.

"The previous work becomes redundant"

On the condition that the standard of the website had to be preserved, more work had to be expected concerning

  • migration of data,

  • trainings and

  • training periods

was to be expected.

The stated claim of the employer that Wordpress is easier to maintain for the users and administrators instead of Joomla lacked any basis.

The current website of the employer, where

  1. no more comments are possible,

  2. expired appointments are shown for months,

  3. the website always shows the same information,

  4. the employees are not introduced,

  5. no update to address security vulnerabilities was made for two years,

  6. only one-fifth of articles compared to the earlier page appear,

truly does not need a lot of maintenance. It can be taken down and forgotten.p>

If that was the intention of the employer, it should have been said that way. Also to the responsible employee.