Website with Joomla

Above the fold
Joomla. "Above the fold"

The left sidebar shows departments of the employer. The bar was not intended by Franz, it was the employer's request. Franz would have listed the departments as in the new website under "Contact Persons".

Changing the design later with Joomla, would have been as easy as with Wordpress.

Website with Wordpress

Above the fold
Wordpress. "Above the fold"

In comparison, the website looks more compact and immediately shows the most important information. The menu bar at the top and three items below seem like a good mix for control.

Second Glance


Second Glance
Wordpress. Second Glance

Three items from the menu above are repeated, each with an explanatory sentence. Whether you click on "Staff Committee" or on "Headquarters” above, the members of the headquarters are shown first. Below is kind of a slot machine.

The information content is low. It does not exceed the menu bar and the eye-catcher of "above the fold".


Second Glance
Joomla. Second Glance

Here a wealth of information and skip marks are located. There is a big chance, to get to where you want to go.

It is not compact. Maybe the variety is confusing.

What Visitors want

Most visitors have a specific request: Contact a member of the Staff Committee, get information about activities. However, flickering gimmicks are less interesting.

The visitor's need for functionality speaks for the Joomla solution. So, in contrast to Franz, I have also pleaded for the sidebar including the departments.