Two requests collide without the parties having understood it themselves: On the one hand aesthetics, on the other hand clarity.

As already written in Joomla and Wordpress, the new site can be more compact and prettier by hiding basic links.

The problem of these sessions: There was no statement, about the actual looks of an "inviting, modern, brisk, contemporary" website.

The employer thought that with the sole appearance of a website new candidates, voters and young people can be won over. This can only be done through content.

One point of the cited complaints is to be taken seriously:

It takes too long to find the actual information.

The quality of every website is characterised by the speed with which you can find what you are looking for.

  • The new design has a search icon next to the menu which opens a search box when clicked.

  • On the Joomla home page, there is an open search box and below is a selection of the most requested terms. The left sidebar provides access to departments.


What would have been correct and meaningful?

  1. Tell Franz about the request for relaunch.

  2. Formulate concrete requirements and aesthetic preferences.

    1. Franz would have designed the website accordingly afterwards. Or

    2. Hire a website designer.


Since 1997 the website should include these contents:

  • Publications and statements,

  • staff plus contact opportunity,

  • comments function for each post.

In 2015, the employer started questioning all this "in this form". With the switch from Joomla to Wordpress, the contents were lost.

The idea of working only with Facebook shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the different functions of social media and a website.

The idea that a website could be a workload reduction is bizarre. This can't be expansion of information channels because it requires manpower.

What would have been correct and meaningful?

Competent employees of the employer sort out

  1. if a website including an archive is necessary,

  2. the handling of Facebook in relation to the website,

  3. the question of workload reduction through the website.

These questions could then have been discussed and decided on a factual basis by the management. However, the employer's interest in solutions does not appear on the agenda.


Systems like Joomla, Wordpress, ... should enable people with little computer skills to post articles online.

Therefore, the assertion that processing in Joomla is complicated, astonishes. Joomla and Wordpress use the same editor, TinyMCE. Therefore, no difference. However, Franz used the Joomla Content Editor with an adapted user interface for Joomla: Simple for novices, more opportunities for experts.

For articles, specifications for headings, key words, ... must be observed. Franz had done some trainings for that. Members of the board are among the graduates.

The decision to switch to Wordpress came suddenly and without a factual basis of decision-making. Franz was not informed prior to this decision.

What would have been correct and meaningful?

  1. Call Franz or write an e-mail.

  2. Consult experts of the employer.

  3. Phrase requirements for Joomla, Wordpress, ... and compare the existing system with alternatives.